Ed Khmara

Ed Khmara

Ed Khmara


Ed Khmara was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He remembers when the Red Cars ran to Santa Monica and when the Hollywood sign still said Hollywoodland. His first visit close-up view of movie making was on the set of “Les Miserables,” in 1952. The part of Jean Valjean was played by Michael Rennie, a pretty big star in his day.

After graduating from UCLA he spent a couple of years in Paris, France where he was inspired to begin the work that led to his first spec screenplay sale. He has since worked as a screenwriter for the best part of thirty years and as a screenwriting instructor in the UCLA Writer’s Program. He is an avid horseman and lives just outside of Santa Fe, NM with his wife, two dogs, three horses and a mule. Credits include Enemy Mine, Ladyhawke, Merlin, and Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.


Emmy nomination, Merlin

Teaching Philosophy

No two people learn in exactly the same way. The teacher’s job is to find the student’s talent and feed that in a way that the student can absorb and grow as a craftsman and an artist.

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Intermediate Story Development



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