Justin Galante

Justin Galante

Justin Galante

BA, Columbia College (Chicago)

Justin Galante is the founder of IN:DEEP Arts, a multimedia design and production company. After selling his first painting at age 8, Justin went on to record his first band’s demo tape and teach himself to produce electronic music at 14. Attending Columbia College, he quickly discovered his love for film and motion graphics and changed his major to Audio for Visual Media. Determined to be a “renaissance artist” in the Digital Age, he set out to learn every aspect of multimedia production. After years in advertising, production and software development, Justin is excited about teaching and training. Recently, his series of online production training videos titled “Extra2Rest” has attracted a large international audience of music producers and digital artists.

Teaching Philosophy

Filmmaking is a highly-collaborative process, and I believe that the more you know about how everyone else performs their job, the better the final outcome will be. In my class ‘Intro to Digital Arts for Filmmakers’ I strive to give students a well rounded understanding of the entire filmmaking process and provide them with a vast set of real-world skills to succeed in the digital arts.

Courses Taught: Introduction to Digital Arts for Filmmakers

Website(s): http://www.indeeparts.net/

Contact Information: justin.galante@santafeuniversity.edu