Outdoor Vision Fest®

Outdoor Vision Fest®

OVF 2017: Friday, April 28 at 8:45 PM - 10:45 PM

Celebrate visual and moving image art through projected light and creativity! Outdoor Vision Fest® (OVF) is a free, annual public event featuring environmental projections and outdoor art installations of design, animation, full motion video, video mapping, motion graphics and interactive multimedia. Using the university’s stunning architecture as a canvas, this event features student artwork created through light in dozens of projections and exhibitions. A self-guided experience, OVF presents a unique opportunity for visitors to see large-scale art installations of design, animation, photography and other motion imagery projected on the walls of Ricardo Legorreta’s world-famous Visual Arts Center, the Fogelson Library, and Garson Theatre.

OVF is particularly important to The Film School because it encourages students to create cutting-edge, experimental and emerging media work that goes beyond the boundaries of film, television and web series production. In 2013, Film School students created work that was exhibited in London during Russian Art Week, in Santa Fe during ArtFeast, and for Boulder Museum of Contemporary Arts’ annual MediaLive exhibition.

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