Bryce Schneider

Bryce grew up in the stunning desert landscape just outside the city of Tucson, Arizona. At the age of 14 he picked up a guitar and taught himself how to play. He was a member of various bands throughout high school. In 2008 he left home to attend college in Santa Fe, New Mexico to pursue his passion for photography and film. After two years he decided to construct his own degree in Sound Design so he could incorporate his love of music into his art. During his time in the music program Bryce toured with SFUAD ensembles throughout the Southwest.

Bryce is also active in the recording arts field, engineering for several artists. Bryce holds a B.A. in Sound Design from SFUAD and continues to work with musicians at his home in Denver, Colorado.

Fun Fact: Bryce plays the squareneck dobro; a six string slide guitar that you play on your lap. Slovak American immigrants, the Dopyera brothers, invented this instrument in the early 1930’s.

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