Redford/Milagro Initiative

Redford/Milagro Initiative

The Robert Redford/Milagro Initiative Scholarship Program

The Robert Redford/Milagro Initiative Scholarship Program was first launched in 2013 and offers two different categories of awards: the Unique Voice scholarship and the Emerging Artist scholarship. Sixty eight scholarships have been awarded since 2013.

Legendary actor and filmmaker Robert Redford has long promoted underrepresented storytelling voices through the Sundance Film Festival and Sundance Labs, and because of this, the Redford/Milagro Scholarship Program offers the Unique Voice scholarship solely to Film School students. This scholarship awards 100% of costs related to tuition, room and board, and base fees for the entirety of a student’s studies at SFUAD.

The Film School is honored to be working with Robert Redford and the Milagro Initiative on this Scholarship Program.

Full details about the Unique Voice scholarship (including requirements and application information) can be found here.

In addition, The Redford/Milagro Scholarship Program offers Emerging Artist scholarships covering a very substantial portion of tuition costs. This program is open to all SFUAD students, including Film School students. Full details about the Emerging Artist scholarship (including requirements and application information) can be found here.

(Be sure to set up an account and submit application materials via SlideRoom. Your enrollment advisor can help with this.)

The deadline for all Redford/Milagro Scholarship applications is in early February each year, and is open to students who have already gained admission to SFUAD. Students are encouraged to apply for the Unique Voice scholarship: applicants will be automatically considered for an Emerging Artist scholarship even if they don’t win the Unique Voice Scholarship.

Previous Redford/Milagro scholarship recipients have already made substantial contributions to The Film School and are well on their way to preparing for a film and media career.

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with SFUAD and the Milagro Initiative on the discovery of these new voices with so much promise for the future,” says Robert Redford. “And it is a particular honor to be part of the creative development of these terrific and impressive young people.”