An Abundance of Image and Sound

Outdoor Vision Fest® and Quadstock promise to tantalize your senses—from projections, installations, and dance to contemporary music (bands big and small). Mark your calendar to attend these free events Friday, April 29 through Sunday, May 1

April 2016—It’s best to book the entire weekend now: The sixth annual Outdoor Vision Fest® (OVF), held Friday, April 29, starting at dusk, and Quadstock, Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1, promise to open your mind and inspire every creative tendon in your body—kick-starting a very imaginative summer. Here, we share what you can expect.

An Immersion in Movement

Outdoor Vision Fest is an explosion of light: Projections cover the campus walls and courtyards, and music from a student band hums, dropping into an ambient loop that mimics your heart beat as you drink in the gorgeous color and texture, slowly realizing the music is responding to the projections and the visuals are reacting to the music—and dancers appear—and disappear. It’s perfect synchronicity.

Whether you’re outside the Visual Arts Center or in one of the many campus courtyards, you’re at once alone and immersed in the community around you. Last year, almost 3,000 people (a mix of alumni, students, faculty, and community members) walked the interactive exhibits.

“The students activate virtually every wall, ground, and floor space throughout the Visual Arts Center, a series of connected court yards and portals, and exterior wall spaces running simultaneously. Some are tiny installations, some are big. It’s so interactive, there is no substitute for being there,” explains Terry Borst, a Film School faculty member who leads the event in partnership with Studio Arts faculty member Tom Miller and Film School faculty member Brad Wolfley.

This year, you should expect a similarly stimulating line up of events since nearly 50 installations will spread across campus. In Critical Space, dancers will respond to both aural and visual media, creating a two-way mirrored experience, which you can view in the room or outside through windows that open to the courtyard. Next up, a sound game developed by the Contemporary Music department: Enter a small recording booth filled with gadgets you may touch—creating sound and visuals as you wiggle your fingers. Don’t miss “Pandora’s Dream,” a 100-foot projection that creates an immersive, dreamlike experience. “Outdoor Vision Fest® takes shape over the semester and it never fails to yield unexpected and inspired results,” Miller adds.

“Our students, who design 100% of the media, are creating installations to surprise you,” Borst shares. “Students make the content and drive it. That’s what is so exciting; they feel a tremendous ownership. You get to graze among these experiences and will continue to find things that thrill and enchant you. You’ll have a phenomenally good time and it’s free. You can’t beat that.”

Creating a Soundscape

Late spring sun stretches across an impossibly wide horizon, detailing every blue nuance. As you walk toward the stages, you see a flurry of musicians setting up, attendees arriving to check out the digital landscape that is about to develop, and an array of food vendors and games set up adjacent to the Visual Arts Center.

Quadstock, which features a slew of student and alumni bands, including Scarlet Cortex and Space-Mob SpaceCadets, as well as bigger local and regional acts, including Storming the Beaches With Logos In Hand and Jessie Deluxe, will go on rain or shine (a theatre is booked if the sky opens up, but come prepared for fickle spring weather).

The annual event may feel a bit different. This is the first year a student-driven committee has managed Quadstock, which promises a few extras: MCs and comedians will host mini-sets between bands. Student films will play between sets after dark. And students will capture it all to produce a live recording for Arroyo Records.

Led by contemporary music senior Paul Wagner, Quadstock has slowly evolved into a campus-wide celebration of the arts, which is why establishing a student committee was so essential.

“It was important that the student committee be chaired by a person who really understands the process of collaboration,” explains Horace Alexander Young, the chair of the Contemporary Music Department. “Paul has very strong leadership skills and a strong sense of creativity and purpose. He helped build a team of students from various programs to develop a creative vision and share the work and planning.”

When Wagner discussed the initial concepts for this year’s event with the committee, which includes Marcos DeLeon, Chris Grigsby, Joseph Hohlfeld, Tessa Martinez, and Nick Quintero, “I asked them to begin by imagining the impossible, and we carved it down,” he shares. One new approach the team took was scouting talent. They’ve visited regular on-campus events to invite musicians to apply. Everyone from soon-to-be graduates to first-year students will be presented on the student stage.

The committee was also thoughtful about the local and regional band choices. “We want to pull the local community onto campus,” which is why they’ve booked Thieves & Gypsys and Moldover. “We’ve focused on the celebration of music, giving students a platform to perform in a bigger venue while drawing in the community with larger acts,” shares Wagner. “I want bring people together. Quadstock is the perfect place for that.”

Mark your calendars to attend!

Outdoor Vision Fest®

Friday, April 29, from 8:45–10:45 p.m.


Saturday, April 30, from 1–10 p.m.

Sunday, May 1, from 1–10 p.m.

Can’t attend? Watch our live stream.

Want more? There are several other events happening on campus this same weekend, including CineVision Film Festival at The Screen, thesis exhibitions of BFA Studio Art and Photography students, and a musical production at Greer Garson Theatre! Check out our April and May calendars for more details.