Opening Exhibition: Reverberent Matter

First in a series of three SFUAD@Wade Wilson Art exhibitions

SFUAD@Wade Wilson Art is a series of three exhibitions, curated by SFUAD art professor David Leigh, that examine the historical and contemporary relationships that have formed the Art Department at SFUAD. The first of these curatorial projects, Reverberant Matter, will open Friday, Feb. 13, from 5 to 7 p.m. It will highlight work by SFUAD students, alumni, faculty and guest artists, including Franco Andres, Nouel Riel, Brandon Soder, Daisy Quezada, Tom Miller, Willy Richardson and Cedra Wood.

Reverberant Matter uses the framework of material and scale to consider work from both students and professional artists, across and within educational and community contexts.

The opening reception is held Friday, Feb. 13 at Wade Wilson Art, 217 West Water Street in Santa Fe. The exhibition will be on display through Feb. 27, 2015.

Established in 2006, with a Santa Fe presence beginning in 2012, Wade Wilson Art highlights work of the highest caliber from artists in national and international contemporary art circles. Wilson continues his professional and personal commitment, more than two decades long, to the visual arts and arts education through his interaction with both the for-profit and nonprofit arts communities.

Photo: Franco Andres, “Stepped Forward and There Seemed to Be No Ground There,” mixed media, 2014.