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Santa Fe, N.M.—December 12, 201312FPS, a San Francisco–based creative agency, joins Midthunder Casting and Cosmic Forces in opening an office in The Film School at Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD).

SFUAD students will have the opportunity to work closely with 12FPS, which boasts a Fortune 100 client roster including Google and Adobe. The agency has done everything from developing software education and corporate team data visualization through animated infographics to producing music videos with GooglePlay. 12FPS team members have also worked closely with Adobe Youth Voices, the signature program of the Adobe Foundation, training educators worldwide on using technology to empower youth to tell stories. The agency plans to mirror this initiative in New Mexico through work with local nonprofits Littleglobe and Youth Media Project.

“There’s certainly an abundance of really motivated folks here at Santa Fe University of Art and Design,” said Adam Shaening-Pokrasso, owner of 12FPS, who said his agency works with a variety of interactive media across video, animation and design. “As an agency, we’re very brainstorm-centric, always thinking of new ways for our clients to advertise and pull social media into their campaigns. What’s really valuable about being here at SFUAD is that by surrounding ourselves with inspired and motivated young people—storytellers—we can draw on their ideas and creativity and also help to be part of their professional development.”

SFUAD students, alumni and faculty are already involved with 12FPS in conjunction with the Shoot Santa Fe Pilot Project, serving on their crew and post-production teams for two TV show trailers. Film students Seth Fuller (’14) and Maria Marquez (’15) also assisted on motion graphics and animation for an Adidas commercial, on which alumnus Tristan Love (’09) served as the commercial’s primary editor. Shaening-Pokrasso said he hopes to extend the opportunities to other departments, potentially involving students in art and theatre, for instance.

“12FPS brings experience working with West Coast technology clients and our youthful attitude to Santa Fe. We believe it’s a prime time to support and elevate storytelling coming out of Santa Fe,” said Shaening-Pokrasso, who grew up in the City Different. “The students are our resource pool; the enthusiasm and talent is certainly here. Working with students also provides a fast track to really good employees that could potentially have long-term relationships with 12FPS.”

Shaening-Pokrasso added that if he sees a talented young person, he typically doesn’t wait for the right job opening to come along, but will hire him or her directly; he also said he intends to staff 12FPS with SFUAD alumni and students.

“12FPS is doing cutting-edge work with an impressive client list in California, so it’s an honor for them to choose to partner with us,” said Paula Amanda, associate chair of The Film School at SFUAD and director of Garson Studios. “Adam and his team have a lot of creative energy, and they aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of what the digital experience can be. The
agency is a great fit here on a university campus, where it will serve not only as a resource where our students can learn and grow alongside these professionals, but also as a gateway to employment for our students in the new digital content age.”

About 12FPS

12FPS is a creative agency dedicated to creating rich media content that illuminates human experience and captures beauty in everyday life. It takes a youthful approach to trends, storytelling and visions of the future. Based in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district, 12FPS runs a herd of pioneer creatives who raise the caliber of production for their clients. For more information, visit .

About The Film School at SFUAD

The Film School at Santa Fe University of Art and Design offers a relevant, hands-on BFA curriculum that emphasizes production skills, business savvy, and storytelling across multiple film and video platforms. Films such as True Grit and Cowboys & Aliens and TV dramas such as Longmire have been shot at the university’s Garson Studios, where students have the opportunity to intern on professional productions on two motion picture soundstages—at 14,000 and 7,500 square feet. The Film School also has its own 2,200-square-foot soundstage and green screen, as well as a professional set from The Sunset Limited. The Screen, a popular destination within the Garson Communications Center, shows some of the greatest works of world cinema daily for students and the public.

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