Art Department Announces BFA Senior Exhibition,  After the History: 167 Years of Dysfunction

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BFA seniors will highlight their artwork during an opening reception on Dec. 12

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Lauren Eichmann

Santa Fe, N.M.—Nov. 14, 2014The Art Department at Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD) will present the BFA exhibition After the History: 167 Years of Dysfunction, featuring the work of Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) graduating seniors Brandon Birkey, Jackie Nutting, Randy Ortiz Martinez, Diana Padilla, Nouel Riel, Katherine Rita, and Talisa Zayas at a BFA Senior Thesis exhibition from Dec. 12 - Dec. 19. The opening reception will take place in the university’s Fine Arts Gallery on Friday, Dec.12 from 5-7 p.m.

Student Brandon Birkey’s work focuses on attempting to understand the contributing factors that stimulate competitions and conflicts between various groups of people. His sculptures reflect this interest, touching on areas as far ranging as astronomy and class.

Jackie Nutting has created The Girl in the Pink Beret: Who Sits Alone and Thinks in Silence, a multipart novel that serves as an exploration of race, class, and background. The characters represented in her book, and the drawings that accompany it, work together to form a large, narrative arc.

Randy Ortiz Martinez’ figurative paintings focus on small gestures. He is aiming for an honesty in his compositions that reveals what exists beneath the surface of the image. His paintings are cropped abruptly, and he magnifies the viewing experience through a large shift in scale.

Diana Padilla has created a series of portraits of kidnappers. This is not an homage to those people portrayed, but a statement and recognition of how violence changes society. This series invites people to take a different focus by mocking the victimizers and exposing them in a way that is unfamiliar to the viewer.

Nouel Riel will be showing her paintings for this exhibition, and she is staging a performance for the night of the opening.

Katherine Rita’s work explores the interconnected experiences of birth, death, sex, and transformation. Interested in the intensity of spontaneous expression, she stages painting performances that allow for a free, stream-of-conscious approach to her creativity that allows for the use of her entire body. She then exhibits the documentation of that experience.

Talisa Zayas’s work explores issues of the feminine through a drawing process that mixes small, organic line-work with personal impulse. A type of self-portraiture, her process also becomes a mirror for the viewer, whose investigation into the multitude of doodles becomes an examination of their own perception.

After the History: 167 Years of Dysfunction

SFUAD Fall 2014 BFA Exhibition

Dec. 12-19, 2014

Opening Reception: Friday, Dec. 12, 5-7 p.m.

Fine Arts Gallery, SFUAD Campus

1600 St. Michael’s Drive, Santa Fe

Contact the SFUAD Art program at 1-505-473-6500 for more information. This exhibition is free and open to the public.

About SFUAD’s Art Department
The Art Department at Santa Fe University of Art and Design offers coursework in both materials-based studio art (painting, drawing, sculpture and ceramics) and contemporary practice, such as installation, projected image, performance and video. Coursework in art history enriches and contextualizes this study. Faculty members are acclaimed artists with active careers, as well as mentors who support each student in finding his or her artistic voice. Students may earn a BA or BFA degree and can individualize and expand their program with electives from within the department or from other disciplines. They have the opportunity to exhibit in several campus galleries and to pursue internships within Santa Fe’s internationally renowned arts community as they prepare for successful careers as working artists and in arts-related fields. The Art Department is housed in the Visual Arts Center, a striking complex of buildings designed by award-winning architect Ricardo Legorreta.

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