City of Santa Fe Ranked No. 6 on List of 20 Best College Towns in America

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According to a study by the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), the city of Santa Fe was recently ranked sixth on a list of the 20 Best College Towns in America.

AIER used 11 criteria to calculate its list, including economic vitality, availability of entertainment, and rent, among others. A small town was defined as having fewer than 250,000 residents.

Santa Fe is largely considered to be one of the most artistic and cultural cities in the U.S. and has achieved other notable rankings in 2015, including one of the Top 10 High Altitude Cities by National Geographic, No. 6 Best Art District by USA Today, one of the top 5 towns to live and work as a moviemaker according to MoiveMaker magazine—including countless other accolades.

A Business Insider article contains the full list of the other top college towns identified by AIER in 2015.

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