‘Fiction Advocate’ Interviews Creative Writing Chair James Reich on His Latest Novel

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Fiction Advocate recently interviewed James Reich, chair of the SFUAD Creative Writing and Literature Department, about his new novel, Mistah Kurtz!

In the Q&A, Reich discusses why he decided to write a prelude to Heart of Darkness, what Conrad’s book means to him, why readers should revisit it today, and more about his writing process.

Mistah Kurtz! A Prelude to Heart of Darkness (Anti-Oedipus Press, March 2016) discloses the contents of the papers Kurtz entrusts to Marlow and the end of Conrad’s canonical novella. Malcolm McNeill, author of Observed While Falling: Bill Burroughs, Ah Pook, and Me, has said Reich’s upcoming novel is “a phenomenon, a tour de force; James Reich has written a masterpiece.”

Reich will debut Mistah Kurtz! during an on-campus book launch April 12 at SFUAD in conjunction with colleague Matt Donovan’s latest published essays.

Read Fiction Advocate’s full interview with Reich on its website.

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