‘Manhattan’ TV Series Renewed for Season 2

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“Manhattan,” the WGN America TV series that’s filmed largely on the SFUAD campus, has been renewed for a second season. Created by Sam Sam and directed by Thomas Schlamme (“The West Wing”), the series is produced by Tribune Studios, Skydance Television and Lionsgate Television.

“SFUAD had more than 25 film students and other majors involved with Manhattan last season, from set and Art Department production assistants, to background acting, to wardrobe and more,” says Paula Amanda, Associate Chair of The Film School at SFUAD and Director of Garson Studios. “Students have learned how to get jobs on their own without going through a formal campus process, which has been our intent all along. I already have students coming to me excited to participate again this year. The real-world experience is unparalleled in any other film school.”

Read more about SFUAD’s involvement with “Manhattan” here:

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