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Lauren Eichmann

Santa Fe, N.M.—April 20, 2011—Santa Fe University of Art and Design presents Outdoor Vision Fest, a free public event featuring projected images in motion created by the university’s students and faculty members. The event will take place Friday, April 29, from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. on campus.

Using the university’s handsome architecture as a canvas, students and faculty members will project images over the walls of Ricardo Legorreta’s world-famous Visual Arts Center, as well as Philippe Register’s Fogelson Library and Greer Garson Theatre. In this self-guided experience, visitors will see graphic design, animation, photography and other media projected on building surfaces.

“Large-scale projections have become an increasing part of life in large urban centers, but this is the first Santa Fe event that has focused exclusively on this new art form,” said Terry Borst, professor of moving image arts. “Just as ancient cave painters created mystical, contemplative spaces by applying color and line to natural planes, Santa Fe University students and faculty members will—for a night—create powerful three-dimensional spaces by painting with projected light, animation and photography.”

Outdoor Vision Fest is a collaborative creative effort among faculty members and students from the university’s Art, Moving Image Arts, Photography, and Graphic Design departments. Contributing community partners include the Santa Fe Complex and Lumenscapes. Professionals from these organizations provided hands-on mentoring to graphic design students as part of Professor Stephen Lee’s class in Processing, an open source programming language that enables the creation of visual images, video games, and animation.

“Exhibiting work outdoors at night, and being able to activate a space in an interdisciplinary way, will give our students a unique and valuable experience,” said Brad Wolfley, professor of moving image arts. “Working alongside Professors Susan York, Terry Borst and Stephen Lee to develop this unique event has been an honor. Watching them help students realize their personal visions by using innovative graphic design tools reminds me how many remarkably talented individuals we have working on our campus.”

The theme of the First Annual Outdoor Vision Fest is “Revive,” which, said Borst, “is suggestive of renewal, life, vivaciousness and vividness. It is also a statement about Santa Fe University’s energetic embrace of its developing role as a powerful creative and intellectual hub for life in the City Different.”

Catering for this inaugural event will be provided by the Cowgirl BBQ, Upper Crust Pizza, and Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café.

For more information, please contact Terry Borst at 1-505-473-6492 or, or visit us on Facebook at

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