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Santa Fe, N.M.—October 2, 2013—The Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD) Creative Writing and Photography departments have launched The Jackalope, a collaborative, cross-departmental online student magazine that highlights individuals, organizations, and topics of interest on campus and in the greater Santa Fe community.

Creative writing, photography, and film students who took courses that led to the founding of The Jackalope will regularly contribute to the online magazine as staff members. The colorful mastheads that rotate on The Jackalope website were designed by students from the SFUAD Graphic Design Department.

Senior double creative writing and film major Charlotte Martinez defined the experience of creating and participating in The Jackalope as one that “throws you into fabulous, terrifying, and unforgettable adventures.”

“I learned how to interview, how to communicate, to prioritize and most importantly how to write unique and fresh articles,” Martinez added. “I realized that journalism was just another form of storytelling, a romantic and dangerous writing that relayed real-life events and people. Of course, it made a big difference to have an amazing professor with an extraordinary amount of experience providing hands-on assignments. There are times when I feel nervous, pressured, and unsure about what I’m doing, but I’ve learned to plunge right into story and hope for the best. Most journalists, I realize, also feel completely exposed on a daily basis, but I think I write better for it.”

Julia Goldberg, faculty advisor from the Creative Writing Department and former editor of the Santa Fe Reporter, said The Jackalope was borne from the requests of students, as several were interested in working on a student magazine.

“The Creative Writing and Photography departments both already had courses geared toward creating content and studying journalism from a variety of perspectives,” said Goldberg. “Bringing these students together made sense from a professional practices perspective because journalism, in all of its myriad forms, is increasingly a multi-disciplinary field. Much of the work the students have created in preparation for The Jackalope has already been published, and the magazine will serve as a platform for students to continue growing their professional portfolios. But The Jackalope is also meant to create more opportunities for students to promote and discover what is happening in their campus community.”

Tony O’Brien, international photojournalist and The Jackalope faculty advisor from the Photography Department, echoed Goldberg. “It’s really about the students, giving them more of a voice with Jackalope, giving them a sense of ownership, and discussing issues that are important to them and SFUAD,” he said.

“In the journalism class that preceded The Jackalope, I was incredibly challenged and learned a lot,” said junior photography student Amanda Tyler. “Having both Tony and Julia there to encourage me and offer sound advice week after week helped push me, and made my work grow tremendously in ways that I had not expected. Having to photograph a story every week, and turn in images no matter whether I was satisfied with them, was a new experience. I had never been under that kind of pressure before, and it definitely required me to think on my feet.”

The Jackalope publishes new material every Thursday and also staggers new posts throughout the week. The magazine continually seeks story ideas and calendar listings, which can be submitted directly through the website or by contacting submissions[@]

About The Jackalope The Jackalope is the student magazine of Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Building on SFUAD’s interdisciplinary nature, it aims to showcase the talent of SFUAD students and the character of Santa Fe. Visit the online magazine at

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