Santa Fe University of Art and Design Again Named One of “America’s Best Kept College Secrets”

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Santa Fe, N.M.—December 10, 2012— Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD) is featured in the 2012 edition of Peter L. Arango’s book America’s Best Kept College Secrets: An Affectionate Portrait of Outstanding Colleges and Universities. The university was also featured in the 2011 edition.

According to Arango, who has worked in the field of college admissions for more than 40 years, “not only are the teaching and work spaces [at SFUAD] up to the standards of a first-rate arts school, but the residences are handsome and comfortable.”

Arango writes that SFUAD maintains a strong visual arts education, which includes what he calls a “recent explosion of creative energy in the area of film and video.” SFUAD has introduced its re-envisioned Film School and announced a new Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film curriculum. The university also established a Film School Advisory Board that includes top directors, screenwriters, animators and other film professionals who will give guest lectures and workshops on campus.

In his review, Arango says that the “exciting and spiffy” university offers “an excellent dining service and many recreational activities.” He also notes that the collaborative campus environment provides students with a creative community in which to live and study. “A significant difference between SFUAD and some other professional art or design schools is that Santa Fe has built four residence halls and several on-campus apartment houses for residential students,” Arango writes. “The program at SFUAD is entirely residential, which not only relieves the difficulty of finding housing in a precious city such as Santa Fe, but also creates a community of professional artists, living and working together.”

“We’re honored to have a special place in this book,” says Larry Hinz, president of SFUAD. “It’s satisfying to see that prospective students and parents are discovering what we do at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Those of us here in Santa Fe like to promote the fact that we offer access to outstanding educators who are working professionals in their respective fields, as well as unparalleled facilities that, for instance, enable students to work on soundstages alongside film productions such as True Grit and No Country for Old Men. It’s a great compliment to have others recognize and endorse our strengths as well.”

Arango says he wrote America’s Best Kept College Secrets because he believes in the mission and purpose of the colleges and universities he features in his book. He adds that he considers SFUAD a “remarkable option for anyone longing to pursue [a career] in the arts in the Southwest … My admiration of the programs at the university remains unabated,” he added.

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