SFUAD Presents the Fourth Annual Outdoor Vision Fest™

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The free event highlights cutting-edge, interdisciplinary digital media projections and installations by SFUAD students

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Lauren Eichmann

Santa Fe, N.M.—April 23, 2014—Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD) will present the fourth annual Outdoor Vision Fest™ (OVF) on Friday, May 2, from 8:45 to 10:45 p.m. This year’s event features the most content since OVF’s inception, with nearly 50 installations highlighting projection mapping, animation, music visualizations, video/sculptural installations, sensor-triggered installations, interactive media, and motion graphics that will be projected at night onto the sides of the late Ricardo Legorreta’s internationally acclaimed Visual Arts Center. OVF 2014 is self-guided and free and open to the public.

New this year, the SFUAD dance program will join OVF with a performance and multimedia installation in collaboration with film and music students, the latter of whom will also highlight their music with live DJ/VJ performances and through video creation and manipulation. Outdoor Vision Fest 2014 will also feature an 18-foot dome, courtesy of Lumenscapes Illumination Media, for a hemispheric display of media.

“Each year, Outdoor Vision Fest has pushed students to collaborate and create in new and innovative ways,” said Brad Wolfley, a professor with The Film School at SFUAD and one of the key faculty mentors supporting OVF. “It’s very rewarding to witness this collaboration, and we’re expecting to expand even further this year. It is especially exciting to offer film students a venue where they can get out of the darkened theater and push the boundaries of what it means to create and exhibit moving image works.”

This year’s OVF will again feature work by SFUAD students across all departments, as well as choreography designed by visiting artist Jocelyne Danchick. In 2013, the vibrant, creative evening hosted more than 1,500 visitors.

Terry Borst, lead OVF organizer and a screenwriting professor in the Film School, said OVF has become a critical incubator of art and media talent in Santa Fe, and is now one of the city’s most eagerly awaited annual events.

“This year’s OVF promises new audience experiences and surprises, and we can’t wait for the big night,” he added.

Contributing Contemporary Music Program faculty member Jason Goodyear said his students, in particular, are broadening their horizons by understanding their music from a whole new perspective.

“In the best tradition of multimedia art, my students are embracing the opportunity to collaborate and to share expression with others through a combined form that cannot exist in isolation,” said Goodyear. “For me, it’s great to take part in different artistic communities, as well as departments at SFUAD, and come together to do something new and to support evolution and growth in art and education.”

Last year’s OVF directly resulted in students showing work in Santa Fe’s Currents 2013, Boulder’s MediaLive 2013 and London’s Russian Art Week. Students also were invited to create an iOS/Android app devoted to the paintings of Boris Chetkov (represented by Pushkin Gallery in Santa Fe). This year’s contributing partners for OVF include Currents 2014, Lumenscapes Illumination Media, and Fanta Se, an event produced by Creative Santa Fe.

Food trucks will be on site again this year, featuring food from RealBurger, Bang Bite and Ramblin’ Café. For more information about OVF, see its Facebook page and videos on its Vimeo channel.

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