SFUAD Students Design the Ambiance for 11th Annual Santa Fe International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe

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For the third year, Santa Fe University of Art and Design students have played a critical role in creating the ambiance for the International Folk Art Market|Santa Fe, a weekend event that features work from more than 160 master folk artists from 62 countries.

This year’s Art Team, led by the Market’s director of ambiance, Sylvie Obledo, includes SFUAD students Caley Dennis, Zac Haugland, Amber Rego, Julia Rocke, Cindy Serigatto, and Kevin Sorina, as well as returning Art Team members, students Chelsea Kuehnel and Dylan Tenorio. As paid artists hired for their expertise and professionalism, the SFUAD students are exposed to international event planning and the inner workings of a world-renowned art festival.

This year the SFUAD students have also been encouraged to offer their own creative designs.

“I wanted to empower the students by giving them the freedom to express their creativity through design,” said Obledo of the Art Team. “They’re an incredible group of artists and I’m so thankful for their work. They have a way of working together that’s just magical.”

Student Caley Dennis took one of the 2014 ambiance themes, “the circle of humanity,” to heart with her circular kite installation that will feature golden owls peacefully flying in a mobile-like structure high above Market attendees. While most decorative elements have historically been purchased from Mexico, this year the Market is bringing in items from Indonesia and India as well.

The International Folk Art Market| Santa Fe runs July 11-13 at Museum Hill in Santa Fe. For more information, visit

SFUAD students work on the ambiance design for the 2014 International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe.
SFUAD students work on the ambiance design for the 2014 International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe.

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