SFUAD Studio Arts Announces Fall 2015 Exhibition, “Arbitrary Ground”

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SFUAD Studio Arts Announces Fall 2015 Exhibition, “Arbitrary Ground”

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Santa Fe, N.M.—Nov. 16, 2015—The Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD) Fine Arts Gallery will host the Fall 2015 Studio Arts BFA exhibition from Dec. 4 through Dec. 18. The exhibition, Arbitrary Ground, will feature work by SFUAD seniors Kevin Bouton-Scott, Tiffany Hanna, Samantha Iacampo, Betsy Leonard, and Dana Simmons.

Kevin Bouton-Scott attempts to use spectacle, variety, and excessiveness as his ally to compete for attention amidst the early information age clutter.

Tiffany Hanna has made a series of portraits of shelter dogs, which is an effort to develop more exposure for them, as well as an attempt to get them supported and possibly adopted. Additionally, she will be donating the proceeds of any sale to Animal Humane of New Mexico. This work supports her interest in community development.

Samantha Iacampo makes large-scale self-portraits of rope suspension to explore points of intersection between divinity and humanity. Represented as angel in each painting, the images are intended to explore her personal connection to those places. The paintings are watercolor on paper, and are often larger than life-size.

Betsy Leonard creates large wall installations with uncommon materials from her past. She generally embarks on an idea to create a piece without knowing why. Working intuitively, she is able to gain self knowledge when her work has come into fruition.

Dana Simmons wants to show how shifting perceptions allows for new ways of seeing. A hidden pattern emerges on the surface of the tiles, exposed by a mixture of select lighting and glow-in-the-dark glazes, which are created from rare earth crystals. The revelation of these patterns challenge our hidden perceptions, as the images are made real. Dana’s deeper interest in self-discovery makes us ask, “What else are we not seeing in our everyday reality that if we shift our perception might reveal itself?”

Arbitrary Ground: Fall 2015 BFA Exhibition

December 4—December 18, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, December 4, 5-7 p.m.

SFUAD Fine Arts Gallery

1600 St Michael’s Drive

Santa Fe, NM 87505

About SFUADs Art Department

The Art Department at Santa Fe University of Art and Design offers coursework in both materials-based studio art (painting, drawing, sculpture and ceramics) and contemporary practice, such as installation, projected image, performance and video. Coursework in art history enriches and contextualizes this study. Faculty members are acclaimed artists with active careers, as well as mentors who support each student in finding his or her artistic voice. Students may earn a BA or BFA degree and can individualize and expand their program with electives from within the department or from other disciplines. They have the opportunity to exhibit in several campus galleries and to pursue internships within Santa Fe’s internationally renowned arts community as they prepare for successful careers as working artists and in arts-related fields. The Art Department is housed in the Visual Arts Center, a striking complex of buildings designed by award-winning architect Ricardo Legorreta.


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