St. Michael’s High School and SFUAD Launch Dual Enrollment Program in Creative Arts

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Lauren Eichmann

Santa Fe, N.M.— February 05, 2013—Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD) announced it has partnered with St. Michael’s High School in Santa Fe for a dual enrollment program in creative arts. The program offers St. Michael’s students an expanded creative arts curriculum and the ability to earn both high school and college credit; SFUAD is offering the program to St. Michael’s students at a discounted tuition rate.

“While St. Mike’s has strived in recent years to expand our arts offerings and will continue to do so, as a small private high school, offering depth and breadth in our electives can be cost-prohibitive,” said Sam Govea, principal at St. Michael’s High School. “Santa Fe University of Art and Design is close to our campus and has extensive offerings in the creative and performing arts that can be made available to our students. We hope that our students will gain valuable experience by being on a college campus and that they will be exposed to higher-level and more diverse courses with a new cohort of students.”

Pending a completed application and acceptance by the course faculty member at SFUAD, St. Michael’s juniors and seniors with a 3.0 GPA or higher may take a 1000- or 2000-level arts class offered for a discounted rate.

“It’s nice to partner with a group so important to our own schools’ heritage, having been born from the same beginnings,” said Gerry Snyder, SFUAD vice president of academic affairs.
“Santa Fe University of Art and Design is committed to extending educational opportunities into the community, so it’s exciting that St. Michael’s participation will integrate capable and talented local students into our classrooms.”

For inquiries about program details, contact Doug Enloe or Linda Sunseri in the
Counseling Office of St. Michael’s High School at 505-983-7353.

The SFUAD online application can be found on the website.

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