Black Student Union

Mission Statement:

The Black Student Union (BSU) are an empowered student body group with a duty to serve and make a communal awareness of the Black/African-American history and culture on campus. BSU strives to create and bring positive social change through artistic outlets influenced by the Black/African-American culture on and around campus. Our duty is to create an environment that gives our members a voice to express views concerns current events, academics, cultural arts and student life while providing solutions.


  1. Create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to all students on campus
  2. To culturally educate the student body of SFUAD
  3. Consciously make a difference in the mindset of the community to better our society as a whole

Student Leadership:
President: Tikia Fame Hudson

Vice President: Charles Simon

Secretary: Jasmine Man

Audio/Visual Historian: La’Charles Trask

Staff Advisor: Horace Alexander Young


Facebook: Black Student Union

Black Student Union Logo
Black Student Union Logo