What Residential Life Means for You

What Residential Life Means for You

Housing and Residential Life is committed to create environments in alignment with the University’s values by facilitating purposeful opportunities for students to live, learn, work, and play, which will motivate students to serve as leaders in society.

Why you should live on campus:

Our Data shows…

Students living on-campus continue to academically out-perform their peers living off-campus:

• Residential students averaged a 3.2 GPA while off campus students averaged a 2.8.

• 16% of SFUAD students living off-campus were placed on academic probation compared with 6% of residential students.

• Of those off-campus students placed on academic probation, almost 50% are suspended by the end of the spring semester

• Residential students living on campus are almost twice more likely to graduate in four years than their off campus peers.

Sharing Spaces Agreement

Sharing Spaces Agreements are utilized by our Residential Life staff are available to help facilitate community living. This is completed at the start of the academic year or anytime throughout the year. All roommates will discuss and come to an agreement on the contract. The terms of the contract must be honored. A violation of the contract may result in judicial action.

Housing’s policies on room moves

During the first two weeks of the academic semester, we do not provide space changes. We are prepared to help mediate a conflict and to work with all parties involved to create a livable situation. Please be sure your student keeps their RA informed.