More than 36 Credit Hours

More than 36 Credit Hours

Students with more than 36 credits remaining toward degree completion (typically first and second-year students), will receive personalized advisement to assist in the choice of transfer institution. We will endeavor to help students select the best academic and financial match for them. Students who have between 36 and 45 credits remaining may return to study during Fall 2017. These students may continue to take courses at SFUAD, subject to course availability, through the Fall 2017 semester, while they work toward transferring to the institution of their choice to complete their degree. Each student’s academic pathway is unique and we strongly encourage you to make an appointment for a 1:1 consultation with your academic advisor directly or by emailing

International Students:

International students should schedule time to meet with Dr. Christine Guevara as quickly as possible to discuss transfer options in compliance with visa regulations.

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