Columbia College Chicago

Columbia College Chicago

Columbia College Chicago

Degree Programs:

  • Arts / Live and Performing Management, Music Business / Film Business
  • Music
  • Creative Writing
  • BA in Illustration
  • Cinema Art and Science
  • Graphic Design
  • Acting and Theatre
  • Photography
  • Fine Arts

Benefits Offered to Students:

Waiver of residency policy to accommodate up to 96 transferable credits toward the degree for students in good standing.

A minimum $5,100 annual scholarship to Columbia College Chicago (continuous, full-time enrollment required every Fall and Spring term; limited to earlier of 4 years or 120/128 credit hours, including transfer credits).

Students with GPA of 3.2 (earned at SFUAD) or higher are eligible for additional scholarships.


Columbia College Chicago:

2017-2018 tuition is $25,580

A minimum $5,100 scholarship from Columbia College Chicago is offered to all SFUAD transfer students.

SFUAD transfer students with GPA of 3. 2 or higher are eligible for additional scholarship.

Students must enroll in Fall 2017 as full-time students to take advantage of scholarship.

FAFSA highly recommended.

Transfer Process:

Begin filling out the application at

There’s no need to submit a letter of recommendation – when you get to the recommendation section, you can fill in the fields with your own contact information, and you’ll be permitted to move to the next section of the application.

For the essay portion, you may upload any brief, recent writing sample rather than prepare something that specifically addresses one of our prompts.

Select “Yes” on the “Request a Fee Waiver” question and that waiver will be granted

We will need official transcripts from SFUAD, any other college(s) you’ve attended, and the high school you graduated from, so please request those be sent as soon as possible. If you’d like to receive an unofficial evaluation of your transfer credit, you can upload copies of any transcripts to the Registrar’s submission form,

Log on to FAFSA and resubmit your 2017-18 FAFSA to Columbia College Chicago (001665).

Contact Info:

Michael Kilinski, Degree and Transcript Evaluator, Names A-K

Cory Byrd, Degree and Transcript Evaluator, Names L-Z