Summer Courses at SFCC

Summer Courses at SFCC

Santa Fe Community College

SFCC will be offering a number of courses this summer that can help students fulfill their lower division requirements. SFCC’s summer course offerings can be found below. We strongly urge you to consider SFCC’s courses as an option, as you will find there are many on campus and online courses that you’ll have access to at a very affordable rate.

  • Any SFUAD student that registers for 6 credit hours or less will qualify for the in-state tuition rate: $48-$60.00 per credit hour.
  • Those who wish to take more than 6 credits will qualify for in-state tuition if they have established residency in New Mexico.
  • For those out-of-state students who have not established residency in New Mexico and wish to take more than 6 credits, the out-of-state tuition rate is: $143.00 per credit hour.

If you are interested in taking SFCC courses over the summer, you will need an A# in order to register. If you have taken SFCC classes before you should have an A# already, and can sign into JACK to register. If you have never taken a class at SFCC, please apply to SFCC at here. Once you have applied, you will receive an A#, and can proceed to register for classes from there.

Your Academic Advisors are here to help you, or for specific questions, Lucia Lucero at SFCC is also available for you. Please contact her at 505-428-1486 or if you have additional questions.